Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beautiful Day, Good Food and Good Company

H&M Faux Fur Jacket

Vintage Leather Boots
Urban Outfitters Black V-Neck Tee/INC. Snake Skin Pattern Pants/Vintage Leather Boots/JewelMint Watch/H&M Silver Cuff/F21 Necklace/Zara Leather and Suede Zip Tote
Today has probably been one of the best days I've had this month. Starting with the fact that it was such a beautiful day, it actually felt like Spring. Also I got to do a little shopping with some close friends and a new one! We also got to bond over food when we went to St. Marks for Japadog and Big Gay Ice Cream. We each had a little bit of every one of the Japadogs and they were all so good; definitely worth the price! We stopped by Big Gay Ice Cream Shop to try it out and there was a really long line but we decided to wait anyway. I got the Bea Arthur cone which was so goooooood. Also, another plus is that the people there are super nice and funny, esepcially the cash register guy! Today was definitely a good day even if my feet disagree since we did so much walking today.


Japadog: 30 St. Marks Place Manhattan, New York 10003

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop: 125 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

H&M Black Cardigan/Urban Outfitters Studded Leather Collar Tank/Hollister Co. Dark Washed Jeans/Vince Camuto Combat Boots
H&M Silver Cuff Bracelet

The weather recently has put me in such a good mood. Although I love winter, I can't wait for Spring and the nice weather! So to kiss winter goodbye, I wore a cozy outfit but thanks to the weather, I didn't need a jacket. This has been a really good week so far (knock on wood) and it's going to be even better since I won't be having school Friday for Good Friday. Also, Happy early Easter to those who are celebrating Easter!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Inspiration

Formal Spring

Girly Spring

Casual Spring

After a long winter, it's finally spring! Even though it's still freezing cold here in New Jersey, at least I can look forward to more sunny and warmer days. So since it's gonna be getting warmer real soon, you might want to reorganize your closet or wardrobe and transition from Winter to Spring! When I think of Spring, I think of floral, bright colors, pastels, and light, silky fabrics. I know it's hard to transition from big chunky sweaters and layering to spring wear so I made a couple outfits to inspire you guys to spring into Spring with some inspiration!


Monday, March 4, 2013

JewelMint Haul

JewelMint Blanca Watch
Recently, I bought a JewelMint watch since my first purchase would only be $8.99. I never really wear watches but I wanted to buy one to see how I'd like it so I can get a nicer one if I do. The wrist band's a lot bigger than I thought it would be since it fit the model's wrist perfectly in the picture they showed. Otherwise, the watch came in really good condition; it came with a nice velvet box with the spongey protection so nothing would be damaged. Overall, except for the fact that the wrist band being too big for my wrist, I'm really pleased with my first purchase from JewelMint and I might be going back for future purchases.