Tuesday, December 18, 2012

City Lights and Empty Parks

H&M Faux Fur Jacket, Urban Outfitters Floral Collared Tank Top, HCO Dark Washed Denim, Vince Camuto Combat Boots, ZARA Bucket Bag With Zips, F21 Gold Bangle, Francesca's Collections Stone Cuff

I hope you guys are all ready for the holidays cause I know I am! I get out of school in exactly 3 days and I am so excited to spend my winter break with family and friends and just have a good time. Last weekend, I had the chance to hang out with my best friend from New York. We went to the city to get some Christmas shopping done and had a lovely time catching up with each other's lives. I wore a UO Floral Collared Tank Top with a black sheer back and an H&M Faux Fur Jacket over it. The Tank Top was so comfortable and I love how it's not a regular collared shirt because of it's unique back. I actually got the Faux Fur Jacket from H&M just last week and I was so excited to wear it cause I got it on sale for only $30 when the original price was $60. The jacket is mostly made of polyester but it kept me warm the whole night and it was so comfortable! I will be back in the city for sure over winter break and I just can't wait to get out of school and have a good week's worth of relaxation and having fun.

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