Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things Will Get Better

1. Rebecca Taylor Cardigan 2. Hollister V-Neck 3. H&M Leggings 4. Vince Camuto Combat Boots 5. ZARA Butterfly Scarf
People say that with bad news comes good news. But this week has just been horrible for me - there simply has been no good news. But don't worry, I'll always have the mindset that things do in fact, get better. So instead of freaking out and getting cranky from all my stress, I'm putting a smile on my face because I know that with bad things, come good things. Also, the collections from NYFW '13 have been amazing! I'll have a post up soon with my favorite looks from the designers from NYFW '13 so look forward to that! And for those who are having a bad week like me, drink some tea, take a nice hot bath and listen to your favorite music - I guarantee it'll make you feel better!

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