Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Clothing Haul!

Kimchi Blue Lace Top Skater Dress - Urban Outfitters

Silence & Noise Silky Zip-Front Top 

High-Low Dress - H&M

Lucca Couture Strapless Floral Chiffon Dress - Urban Outfitters

Leather Jacket - Alfani

Tie-Dye Print Jeans - Else

Cheetah Print Pants - Calvin Klein
D&O Gardenia Skull Oblong Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Green Peplum Top - INC
Over the past couple weeks, I've been able to find some pieces while at the mall and online. Since it's Summer, I stacked up on dresses and my absolute favorite is the high-low dress from H&M! That one is my more expensive buy, but I couldn't resist! I also bought a leather jacket - I know it's Summer but I couldn't pass up on it since I found it in the sale rack - by Alfani. I don't usually wear leather or the color yellow/green, and this is officially my first leather jacket, but it didn't look too bad on me so I bought it (impulse buy much?). Well we all go through some sort of change - and mine just happens to be about the way I dress. I used to gear towards clothing that was more vintage looking and darker colors like black and navy. But now, I've realized that when I go shopping, my eyes automatically go towards the bright and fun colors! I definitely go shopping a little too much but when there's awesome sales - especially the Spring/Summer Sale almost every store is having - it's hard to stop myself!

Go check out Zara and Asos for their Summer sale now!!


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