Wednesday, November 21, 2012


1. Black/Beige Striped High-Low T-shirt From H&M 2. Vintage Guess Denim Jacket 3. Ralph Lauren Black Maxi Skirt 4. Zara Cheetah Print Flats 5. Jewelery from F21 6. Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters

Today was about 56 degrees and it was such a beautiful and sunny day out. So I decided to wear my black maxi skirt, and trust me, maxi skirts or dresses aren't only worn in the summer, you can also pair it with a jacket for fall! This is my favorite and probably best quality maxi skirt that I own. Other than the fact that it's from Ralph Lauren, I also got it on sale, which is amazing! I wore a striped black/beige high-low tshirt with my studded denim jacket over it. Then for my shoes, I wore cheetah print flats. I've worn these flats so much this season (you can probably tell from the picture) but cheetah printed shoes are an essential in my closet for the fall season! You can wear them with skirts, jeans or dresses and it'd give your outfit that little spark. 

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I hope you all have an amazing time! Be thankful for everything that you have and cherish the people in your life! I'll probably be posting about my Thanksgiving later this weekend, so stay posted!