Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jewelry Haul

Prom Jewelry
Prom's in about a month and I have about everything I need; except a clutch and shoes - which are super important. But of course, I haven't found anything I liked yet. But I did get my jewelry covered! My dress is still a surprise until my actual Prom day which is May 30th but the reason I got silver jewelry is because my dress is yellow and gold would be too much. Since I'm planning on getting an updo, I wanted earrings that would pop out but ones that also looked simple and elegant so I chose the Alfani teardrop earrings; they're simple but I since I barely wear dangly earrings, these are considered "different" on me. I'm not a big fan of the necklace but it matches the earrings perfectly and since my dress is strapless, I liked how the V shape dips down so it covers most of my chest. I'm so excited for Prom, even though I'm going alone. But I hope I find a clutch and shoes in time since I'm super picky - fingers crossed.
Alfani Silver Twist Linear Drop Earrings

Charter Club Clear Rhinestone V Necklace

JewelMint Guilded Silver Bangle

I also got a bangle from JewelMint for my Prom day. It's kind of loose on my wrist - but not very loose as if it'll fall off so it's perfect. I love the little rhinestone designs and the clasp on the bracelet makes it easy to put on.
JewelMint April Ring Surprise Bundle Package
I also ordered the April ring surprise bundle package since I've never ordered one before. I'm pretty sure they have a different surprise bundle package every month and since I've never ordered one, I decided to and I'm neither happy nor upset about my purchase. The rings aren't what I would normally buy and I would prefer many of JewelMint's other rings over the ones I got. But I did get 4 rings and a pair of earrings for the price of one piece of jewelry on JewelMint. I guess the pros about getting the bundle package is that you get many pieces for the price of one but the con is that you don't know what pieces you'll get in your package so you won't know if you like them or not until you receive your order.

 Out of all the rings I got in the package, I like this one the best. At first, I thought the ring was a little too big in size since I started to wear smaller band rings over the past year. However, the designs on the edges and on the side of the ring caught my eye.

I'm not sure if I'll be ordering from JewelMint again though, because their jewelry is on the pricey side, in my opinion. And sometimes, you don't pay for what you get. Also, you pay a monthly fee for just being a member, which I am not a fan of at all. So I might just be sticking to Francesca's Boutique or F21 for my future jewelry.


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